What is Forex? 
What is Forex? 
The forex market is the world’s most traded market (more…)
What are Binary Options?
What are Binary Options?
Binary Options are a fairly new type of online trading investment. (more…)

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How Contracts for Differences (CFDs) Work

You may think the best way to trade is the one you’re used to, but if you’re still an old fashioned trader, you’re going to want to meet CFDs (Contracts for Differences). Using online firms (such as Xtrade), CFDs have become the most innovative way to trade in the forex market. Trading only the difference between the opening price and the closing price of a deal, you gain flexibility while spending only a small part of what you would be if you were trading for the full investment. With access to global commerce, you have a range of trading options that vary from forex to commodities. Designed especially for beginner CFD traders, some firms such as Xtrade or Plus500 display specific illustrations that are used to explain the trading process in order to make sure you fully understand how CFD trading is done, from top to bottom. If ...

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I've been trading currency pairs for years. I can afford the good things in life!
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