FXCM Daily News: A Brief Breakdown

Online trading requires a considerable length of experience.  It is a given that there will always be winners, and losers.  Traders should be well-informed so that they can make the right decisions on how they will manage their investments. A good online trading broker has to provide all the right information to their clients on a real-time basis, as the markets in which they are operating on are ever-changing.

So far, one of the best providers of daily news among online brokers is FXCM.  The FXCM daily news page even has a separate website.  There is a link on the main FXCM platform that brings clients directly to their news page.  The FXCM daily news is delivered straight to account holder’s registered email addresses.  The DailyFx.com site, as it is called, offers potential investors a real glimpse of the market.  This FXCM daily news site contains valuable information and applications so that traders can take a closer look at the movement of the market and apply this to their investments.

All About the FXCM daily news site, DailyFX.com

Readers can either subscribe directly to DailyFX, or open an account with FXCM to learn how to trade forex from an expert team of instructors and analysts.  Through this daily news site, novice traders will learn the traits of successful traders, and avoid common mistakes.  This all-encompassing site will also allow the subscriber to be part of a community of traders.

The FXCM daily news covers actual forex market news, technical analysis, an economic calendar, and live webinars. The daily subjective analysis of a trading expert will help traders develop strategies and understand the implications of certain market movements.  FXCM has also come up with a more premium news page, which is called the Dailyfx Plus.  Aside from the contents mentioned previously, Dailyfx plus contains trading signals that provide recommendations to help clients place and manage trades. One of the more popular services of Dailyfx Plus, it suggests buy and sell tactics for specific currency pairs, recommends prices to enter for each trade, and limits and stop orders.

DailyFX.com’s Major Features

DailyFX.com has a complete line-up of features and segments.  Under News, there are sub-segments such as Real-Time News, Daily Briefings, Forecast, Market Alerts, DailyFX authors, and articles.  Traders will also learn a lot from their Technical Analysis segment, which features Analyst Picks, Trading Volumes, Daily Technical Reports, Pivot Points, Algorithmic Trading, and other technical topics for the professional trader.  The website also has a very helpful economic calendar and the webinars calendar.

So far, FXCM is the only online forex broker that has their own news website.  Other online brokers, such as iforex, have financial news but it is located on their website and available on their mobile app.  Xtrade Online CFD Trading has their daily news on a subscription basis for non-account holders, and is sent daily to a trader’s email once they sign up for an account.  Called the Newsletter, Xtrade employs a more traditional route with their daily news.  There are also brokers such as Plus500 that do not even have a daily market report segment on their website.