How FXCM VPS Hosting Works

A unique aspect of the international trading market is that there is no central marketplace, particularly for foreign exchange. All currency trading transactions worldwide occur through an intricate series of computer networks among global traders.  This lack of centralized hub means that the market is open 24 hours a day, five and a half days a week.  Currencies are traded on a worldwide scale in financial capitals of the world – Hong Kong, New York, Sydney, Paris, Zurich, Tokyo, and London.  And this is happening across all time zones, so any time of the day is some sort of activity and quotes are changing constantly.

FXCM VPS Hosting – What is it?

For online trading brokers such as FXCM, it opens up new possibilities of serving their clients.  An understanding of clients’ needs, such as 24 hour market monitoring, makes it possible to create services that cater to these specific requirements. This is the reason why FXCM VPS hosting came about. Online trader FXCM offers this service for free for account holders who maintain a balance of 5,000 in their base currency.  FXCM VPS hosting enables a trader’s platform to remain active in the markets 24 hours a day. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server.

FXCM certainly has a leg up over its rivals like iforex, Xtrade, Plus500, to name a few, with regards to this technology.

Benefits of VPS

With FXCM VPS hosting, a trader has more opportunities to profit from the market. VPS hosting will enable traders not to rely too much on their home computer.  This will also allow clients to enhance their trading experience. Traders usually use FXCM VPS hosting along with other services such as automated strategies. If an account holder does not reach a balance of 5,000 in their base currency, they only need to pay an additional of US $30 or its equivalent in the base currency per month.  This amount can be debited from any FXCM account.  This covers the VPS cost.  Current account holders need to sign up in order to avail of this special service.

Warning for VPS Users

There is however, a warning for clients who wish to avail of VPS hosting.  It is actually hosted not by FXCM but by a third party.  Should there be any leaking of information or malfunction of the hosting service, FXCM claims no responsibility.  This service is available for all of FXCM’s Meta Trader 4 Live accounts. With VPS hosting, the Meta Trader platform will be running 24 hours a day and is not subject to downtime caused by electrical problems.

There are certainly other online brokers who also offer VPS hosting. Popular brokers such as iforex, Xtrade and Plus500 claim to have 24/7 services through their mobile Smartphone and tablet applications, so they don’t offer this kind of service to their clients.  One of the main concerns of these other brokers is the fact that other computers will be running the hosted servers, and this is also expensive. They believe that funds used for running the VPS hosting server can just be used for investing in tradable assets.